Cell Phone Policy

Cellular Phones, PDAs, and Electronic Devices for Other Purposes


Members and guests may carry on to the Club’s premises cell phones and such smart-phone devices as iPhones and Blackberrys (PDAs) so long as such devices are kept on mute or vibrate.

Calls, Emails, Texts

Cell phones and PDAs may be used to make calls only in the phone booths in the Clubhouse or in cars in the parking lot. House phones with landlines are available throughout the Club. Calls to 510, 925, 650 and 415 area codes may be made without charge by dialing 9 on any phone, then dialing the phone number. Calls to any other area code may be made by dialing 0 on the phone and requesting assistance from the Club Operator. Cell phones, PDAs and other such electronic communication devices may not be used on the Club’s premises to make or receive calls, to send or receive emails or texts, to connect to the Internet, or for any other such similar purpose.

Devices to Play Music

Devices such as PDAs, iPods and other MP3 devices are allowed in the Fitness Center and Pool Facility if the following rules are followed: earphones must be used at all times and PDAs must be placed in a mode (airplane mode for iPhones) that disables them from sending or receiving calls, sending or receiving emails and texts, or connecting to the Internet.

Devices for Reading

Devices such as Kindles, Nooks, iPads and other such electronic reading devices are allowed. However, if these devices are capable of sending or receiving calls, sending or receiving emails and texts, or connecting to the Internet, such capabilities must be disabled before such devices may be used for reading.

Devices for Camera or Calendar

Camera functions may be used anywhere on Club property with the exception of the locker rooms, fitness center and restrooms. Datebook or calendar functions may be used briefly to check or coordinate social or sporting functions.