Dress Code

Claremont Country Club's Board of Directors asks and expects your cooperation in following the dress standards.

The following items are not permitted at any time:

  • Denim* of any kind or color
  • Men’s headwear and women’s sports hats, visors or caps worn inside the Clubhouse
  • Visors or caps worn backwards
  • Tee shirts (including under sweaters or jackets) except at the Tennis Facility, Pool Facility and Fitness Center

Clubhouse Main Floor

Golf Shoes with spikes are not permitted anywhere on the main floor. Women may wear skirts, dresses, slacks including capri length, blouses, sweaters, and jackets. Men and boys 12 and older are required to wear long pants and jackets on the main floor at all times.

Grill, Grill Bar, President's Room and Golf Course

Attire shall be appropriate and in good taste. Men and boys are permitted to wear collared shirts, turtlenecks or mock turtlenecks. Shirts must be tucked in unless designed to be worn un-tucked. Long pants are required at all times. Jackets are not required. Soft spikes golf shoes or athletic shoes are allowed. Open-toed shoes or sandals may not be worn in these areas. Only soft spikes, golf shoes or athletic shoes are permitted on the golf course.

Women and girls are permitted to wear tops with or without a collar or sleeves. Tops must be tucked in unless they are designed to be worn un-tucked. Slacks and capri pants are permitted. The appropriate length for any shorts, skorts or skirts is five inches or less above the middle of the knee. Designer open-toed shoes and sandles are permitted in the Clubhouse. The following items are not permitted in these areas: Clothing that exposes the midriff such as halter tops or crop tops, shorts after 5:00pm, casual open-toed shoes such as flip-flops.


At the February 2019 Board of Directors meeting we addressed feedback received from the Membership Survey regarding denim being prohibited on club grounds as part of our dress code. Due to changing dress codes in the work place, we are going to exercise a trial run of an amended dress code.

While denim is not allowed anywhere at the Club, during this trial period, tasteful denim will be allowed to be worn on a designated path of travel into and out of the Club during the work week.  There will still be no denim allowed on the weekends whatsoever.  Those arriving and leaving the Club in denim will be asked to use the pool side entrance of the Club to enter and exit the Club.  Please do not use the main entrance or the golf entrance when wearing denim.  The denim path of travel does not include the Tennis Shop or Turn Café nor stopping to socialize at the pool.  Please proceed directly to the locker room to change into appropriate Club attire.

Hopefully this will be helpful to those who wear denim in the workplace while still respecting our longstanding dress code traditions.  We will evaluate this change over the trial period and report back to the membership.